integratedITSM™ - Your organisation's ITSM alternative?

integratedITSM™ - Your organisation's ITSM alternative?

The ITSM community has been well-served for many decades and continues to evolve today with changing times and changing players, including Professional Designations who have developed a new more practical and real-world system for ITSM professionals to reference – integratedITSM™.  

integratedITSM™ represents a fresh approach that is gaining positive attention in the industry offering a body of knowledge that offers innovative ideas and perspectives. It brings a renewed focus to managing IT services and addressing organizational needs.

Early adopters will be introduced to the role and importance of an effective integrated IT business leader, how IT service management processes need to be designed and executed in an integrated approach to support business and IT needs, how different enablers including product, service and process roles, organisational change management, Agile, Lean and DevOps enable the processes and how IT performance results and improvement management support business and IT leader decisions.


If you are one of the organizations that are reviewing other ITSM options, why not take some time to scan this new, practical, content.

  • In-depth operational guidance while still providing direct links to the bigger picture of business value
  • Content and examples of process management in real-world scenarios
  • An ‘integrated’ perspective that includes easy-to-describe and tangible relationships between ITSM and the key enablers of Lean, Agile, DevOps, OCM, and BRM
  • An innovative and different approach to acquiring professional certifications and designations
  • No mandatory first course to take in the certification scheme
  • Official publications included for further reference at no additional cost
  • No re-certification requirements providing excellent value for your training investment.

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