ITIL® Maturity Assessment

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What is an ITIL maturity assessment?

The ITSM Maturity Assessment service provides an independent evaluation of an entire organisation’s service management capabilities and the maturity of its governance structure and management system.

An assessment helps organisations:

  • Focus transformation efforts on key actions needed to support strategic goals
  • Optimise investments by understanding where performance gains can be achieved
  • Gain efficiencies by identifying and correcting barriers and bottlenecks in achieving desired outcomes
  • Ensure correct prioritisation of resources to uplift and sustain the skills and expertise needed to deliver service value
  • Benchmark performance before, during, or after a transformation program or improvement initiative

The ITIL® Maturity Model

ITIL® Maturity Model is a management maturity model devoted to assessing and improving the management of an organisation’s IT services.

It can focus on two things:

  • Firstly, the capability of an organisation’s IT service management in terms of management practices.
  • Secondly, the maturity of its service value system (including both governance structure and management system). It’s this part which generates a maturity rating and informs improvement planning.

What is "Maturity"?

Maturity is a measure of an organisation’s ability to deliver predictable outcomes including on-time delivery, productivity, quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Crucially, it has a proven link to organisational success.

How does it work?

You can choose whether you want to focus on a Capability Assessment for service management, which looks at a choice of 34 management practices, or a Maturity Assessment of your service value system (including your governance structure and management system).

If you opt for the Maturity Assessment, your current IT practices will be assessed against the five components of the ITIL Service Value system used by some of the world’s most successful organisations.

These options are represented by 3 assessment service offerings:

Comprehensive Assessment

  • All Service Value System components (Guiding Principles, Governance, Service Value Chain, Practices, Continual Improvement)
  • At least 7 practices, one of which must be Continual Improvement
  • Option for independent validation of results and award of a Maturity Level certificate

High Level Assessment

  • All Service Value System components (Guiding Principles, Governance, Service Value Chain, Practices, Continual Improvement)
  • No practices, or less than 7 practices, one of which must be Continual Improvement
  • Maturity Assessment statement of result option

Selected Practices Capability Assessment

  • Any number of practices selected by you.
  • Capability assessment statement of result option

How often should we do an assessment?

We recommend an annual maturity assessment. With an annual assessment you have your benchmark from the previous year and can see the improvements year on year. This isn’t mandatory, you will see value in just one assessment. We can work with you on what would be most effective for your organisation.  

Who is our assessment for?

All companies who would like to have a true picture of their IT process capabilities and how well they are operating. Our process maturity assessment will provide you this snapshot, along with some quick wins and longer-term recommendation improvements.

    Next steps, getting started

    Download our example extract 'ITIL Assessment Executive Summary'. This extract is a simple but realistic example of the assessment report format.