Practice Design, Documentation & Implementation

Let’s chat. We can discuss where your organisation is at currently and how our process documentation may assist and suit. We can then tailor an approach for you.

What is the design and documentation service?

ITSM Hub provides a suitably qualified consultant, to establish broad-based uplift momentum and take on the primary effort of defining and documenting processes and practices to the standard and level required of the organisation. Our consultants can assist your organisation from current state to desired state.

The benefit of our approach is that one or more streams of work can be established and actioned without strong dependency on existing IT staff time and effort. 

A common risk is that organisations attempting to work on agreed service improvement actions are required to attend first to operational imperatives and newly emerging business priorities.  As a result, the desired and necessary improvement actions never reach the front of the queue of work or are only intermittently considered with little substantive progress achieved.

A further benefit of this engagement model is that it provides you with some flexibility in tasking of the consultant.  Should internal or external factors cause a change in service improvement priorities, the consultant can readily work with the IT organisation to adjust focus with minimal impact on progress.

How does the process work?

Once the practices/processes in scope have been accepted, the timeframe established, proposal accepted, and consultant been assigned the following phases would unfold.  

The Onboarding and Planning stage provides the opportunity to refine objectives and priorities to account for any changes of circumstance since the assessment and roadmap was delivered (recommended).

Durations are variable, according to customer preferences and magnitude of effort:

  • Onboarding and Planning
    • The Hub consultant works with the customer to develop an agreed plan and method of work consistent with current workload and priorities. If a Service Improvement Roadmap has been completed this document provides the starting point for planning.
  • Standardisation and Common Models
    • A key foundational activity, this action ensures that any common cross-process concepts and models are properly defined for effective cross-process use, prior to being applied within process designs.
  • Each Process Improvement Sprint/Work Package (can be parallel, sequential, or a mix)
    • Confirm uplift target state/use cases to improve
    • Evaluate current state materials
    • Conduct workshop
    • Develop process policy, flow, description, RACI, metrics, reporting as draft
    • Socialise draft and iterate
    • Agree transition approach and timing
    • Transition, coach and mentor
    • Monitor
    • Stage Deliverables (per stage)
      • Meeting notes
      • Presentations
      • Templates/Sample documents/Models
      • Draft Process documentation consistent with agreed scope of stage
    • Engagement Debrief
      • Hand over/provide:
        • Any work in progress and status
        • Recommended next steps
        • Improvement actions identified from monitoring
        • Engagement reports/summary of actions
        • Current risk and issues and recommendations relating to them

Examples of areas we have assisted

  • Change Management process redesign
  • ITSM Tool upgrade functional specification development
  • Service Catalogue design and development
  • Process Owner coaching and mentoring
  • Incident Management process documentation development
  • Problem Management process design and documentation
  • ITSM Tool/Process standard models design and development
  • ITSM Tool replacement Request for Tender development
  • Service Definition assistance
  • Continual Service Improvement framework development and documentation
  • Measurement design for processes and services
  • Job description development and updating
  • Bid writing and tender submission

Next steps, getting started

Let’s chat. We can discuss where your organisation is at currently and how our process documentation may assist and suit. We can then tailor an approach for you