PinkSCAN Online

Our PinkSCAN Maturity Assessment is our online self-assessment tool for benchmarking your ITSM processes. PinkSCAN Online will enable you to conduct your own ITSM process assessments in support of continual improvement. 

What is a PinkSCAN maturity assessment?

The PinkSCAN process maturity assessment is an independent, objective assessment and a proven approach to establishing a baseline process maturity level. Having a benchmark of your current state is essential to any improvement programme. Our assessment service shows you just how effective the practices in your organisation are. The assessment can cover the people and organisation, processes and practices, technology and tools and supplier aspects where relevant to the proper functioning of the practices.

Our PinkSCAN maturity assessment can help you understand:

  • What is not defined cannot be controlled

  • What is not controlled cannot be stabilised

  • What is not stabilised cannot be measured

  • What is not measured cannot be improved

Once you establish your benchmark, the right decisions and action can be taken to get the outcome you need to ultimately be more effective, improve service to the business and customers as well as save time and money, all while utilising your resources more efficiently.

In today’s competitive environment, IT needs to deliver efficient and cost-effective services to the business.

PinkSCAN Assessment Objectives

  • Provides a snapshot of the current situation

  • Determines the maturity level for each process

  • Importance of the process from the IT staff’s perspective

  • Benchmark for improvements

  • Cultural assessment related to the organisation’s readiness for the process concerned

  • Overall recommendations

How is PinkSCAN conducted? – Self-Led Online approach

PinkSCAN Online Self-Assessment approach – 12-month subscription.

The PinkSCAN online is an ITSM process assessment methodology and online toolset used to support and direct continual service improvement activities. This option provides organisations with the ability to perform their own internal process maturity assessments in a flexible and cost-effective way. This service offering is attractive for organisations where:

  • there is already a body of in-house expertise in conducting assessments
  • some flexibility is desired in the conduct and timing of assessments; or
  • multiple assessments and reassessments are planned to take place within a 12-month period

The PinkSCAN Online subscription provides 12 months access to the PinkSCAN online maturity assessment tool to conduct any number of assessments during the subscription period.

PinkSCAN online options:

  1. Subscription only – recommended for returning clients
  2. Consultant-Assisted – includes 2 days setup assistance and 2 days review and analysis assistance (client retains responsibility for the report)
  3. Consultant-Led – includes assisted but includes conduct of validation workshops and preparation of final report. Can also include setup of surveys. Variable pricing according to number of processes in scope.
  4. Assessment workshop – “How to conduct a process maturity assessment” – A 2-day workshop to teach clients how to prepare, conduct ad interpret process maturity assessments. Available for all PinkSCAN options.

Who is PinkSCAN for?

All companies who would like to have a true picture of their IT process capabilities and how well they are operating. From ITIL 4’s guiding principles, ‘start where you are’ – to do this, you must know where you are. Our PinkSCAN maturity assessment will provide you this snapshot, along with some quick wins and longer-term recommendation improvements.

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