Agile Scrum Essentials Course & Examination

Agile Scrum Essentials Course & Examination

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This 2-day course provides the essential knowledge needed by IT professionals in Agile methodologies and Scrum practices. It focuses on the fundamental principles and concepts of both Agile and Scrum. This course will prepare you for the exam leading to the Agile Scrum Essentials certification.

This course is held in our virtual classroom with our expert instructor, meaning you can join the class and network with your peers from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Course Overview

To stay competitive today, more than ever, businesses must be flexible, keep costs low, and delivery cycles short. Companies that have successfully adopted Agile Scrum processes have reaped the benefits of decreased costs, reduced risk, and the encouragement of innovation within the organisation. Agile offers a flexible, iterative project-management style that promotes continuous improvement and increased product quality. Scrum, which is a lightweight framework and the most popular Agile methodology, provides guidelines and other tools to help teams structure and manage their work. Together, these processes ensure the effective and efficient management of projects.

The Agile Scrum Essentials course has been designed from the ground up, based on customer feedback, to provide you with everything you need to start applying the Agile Scrum approach to your projects.

Our Agile Scrum course provides you with:

  • A streamlined and intuitive course structure that brings Agile Scrum thinking to life:
    • You will take part in practical, hands-on activities that walk you through each step of the Scrum process, so you gain crucial knowledge by directly applying concepts, not just listening to theory.
  • Actions and approaches to create more value for your organisation:
    • You will learn how Agile Scrum techniques can help you deliver more value to your business to meet your strategic goals. This course places greater emphasis on the three characteristics of value that applying an Agile Scrum approach can contribute to – improving qualitydecreasing costs, and increasing speed.
    • Understanding the five core Scrum values is crucial to the successful application of Scrum. You will learn how these can enable your teams to work successfully:
      • Commitment
      • Focus
      • Openness
      • Respect
      • Courage
    • With this course, you will understand the impact of unmanaged technical debt and be introduced to strategies that can help you manage it more effectively.
  • Real-world case studies:
    • Throughout this course, you will be privy to the successful application of Scrum in many organisations from multiple industries, via real-life examples and case studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will understand: 

  • The definition and purpose of Agile
  • The three pillars of Scrum: inspection, adaptation, and transparency
  • The five Scrum values: commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage
  • The characteristics of effective Scrum Masters, product owners, and development teams
  • The purposes of different events, artifacts, and rules in Scrum
  • How multilevel planning can help your team develop long-term goals and create more realistic strategies to achieve those goals
  • How to identify the attributes of the product backlog and understand how it can evolve as your product and environment changes
  • The techniques for managing technical debt
  • The purpose and steps involved in Scrum events such as product backlog grooming, sprint planning, execution, daily Scrum, review, and retrospective

Who should attend

This course is applicable to any IT professionals with a need to understand how to achieve and maintain a highly effective approach to project management.


No prerequisites are required.

Exam & Certification

The Agile Scrum Essentials exam is completed through Professional Designations Corp.

This is a 1 hour, closed book exam which consists of 40 multiple- choice questions - a passing score of 65% is required. The exam is completed online using a webcam and internet connection. 

Course Material & Inclusions

Material for this course will only be provided as downloadable soft-copy files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs. 

Agile Scrum Essentials online exam voucher plus a complimentary Agile Scrum Essentials exam re-sit if you miss out on passing your certification the first time.

Upon passing your certification course, a digital badge will be available for you to share with your network. 

SFIA Skills and Industry Accreditation

This course enables participants to develop their knowledge and proficiency in the following Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA®) professional skills:

  • METL: Methods and tools
  • DESN: System Design
  • SWDN: Software Design

This list gives the core SFIA skills covered by the course. Elements relevant to other SFIA skills may also be included to a lesser depth. Proficiency in a SFIA skill is measured by performance assessment and is achieved through actual substantial use of that skill in a real-world situation over some time. In course assignments and exercises undertaken through a course can demonstrate elements of the relevant skills which can then be further developed back in the workplace.  Acquiring new skills and building on existing skills, ideally occurs within the context of an agreed development plan for each person that ensures that their personal circumstances, strengths and development needs are met.

An amazing instructor who explained the content very clearly and at a very good pace. This was a good balance and approach to learning in a three day intensive period. I found the worked examples very practical and very relatable to the Defence industry sector I work in.

Mary W.

Satisfied Customer