The ITSM HubCentre

Accelerate your transition to a Next Generation Service Desk

Fast track your Service Desk’s transition to an AI driven, automated service that allows the latest technologies to work alongside exceptional people in providing a world class experience to your employees and customers. Our flexible managed IT support solutions gives you the freedom to custom-create the IT service desk and operating team that's just right for your business.

The HubCentre

The ITSM Hub service centre is built on a foundation of ITSM best practice and offers our customers the opportunity to seamlessly transfer their service desk’s function to a facility staffed by customer focused, appropriately technically experienced individuals with the underpinning ITSM and Service Desk Institute certifications, allowing for a relatively rapid deployment of best practice methods, and the associated disciplines, into the core of their support environments.

Our multilingual service offering allows for the structuring of the service using English as a base and 9 foreign language skillsets.

ITSM HubCentre Options


Dedicated Managed Service Desk

Designed and customised for your requirements.

Cost effective with Continuous service improvement throughout the term.

Ambitious SLA and XLA targets.


Shared Seat / OOH Service Desk

Ability to level up during high demand periods.

Extend your service desk hours with 24/7 support.

Flexible service offering with detailed reporting.


Bespoke Service

Customised service desk for your unique requirements.

Book a discovery session to understand how we can help.

Dedicated Managed Service Desk

A true service partnership in that we will work with you to design and implement an IT Service Desk that caters to your specific user needs.

Operating towards a pre-agreed Service Journey Roadmap for the duration of the term, this approach allows for expectation management at the outset and delivery of major milestones, continuously enhancing the services offered and overall customer experience.

In this model, you provide the vision and we provide the exceptional people, leading technology where required and best practice process tailored to deliver against ambitious SLA and XLA targets.

Shared Seat / OOH Service Desk

Operating a relatively low volume internal service desk or experiencing high costs in provisioning out of hours and standby resource? This
is the model for you.

The ITSM Hub’s Shared Seat service desk provides a 24*7 presence to manage monitoring alerts or provide OOH assistance to your user community at a cost that is connected to your specific demand level.

Maintaining core best practice disciplines, this flexible service can operate as your single contact point or seamlessly handover back to your core teams come morning, reporting on all the evening's activity.

Bespoke Service

Does your HR, Finance, Facilities or any other business department require an incoming call management service to improve customer interaction with the division?

Deploy ITSM Hub’s 24*7 facility, exceptional people and
enterprise service technology to operate against your desired runbook, introducing a customer service element to your shared services.

To discuss your options email us or request a quote.


Service Elements

24*7*365 Service with Full Redundancy

Full Circle HR Management and Development

Multilingual Skills

Powered By Servicely AI

The ITSM Hub Service Centre has deployed Servicely AI as it's primary ITSM platform which provides a single conduit for your data as it flows across processes, people and tasks while it's embedded self-learning AI learns by observing how your employees work to automate workflows.

This technology can be implemented within your organisation at the outset or as part of a future replacement technology as the service progresses.

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Our organisation's satisfaction with the service recieved is indisputable. The porfessionalism, attention to detail and proactive communication has significantly contributed to the success of our service to our end users.

CTO, Operations, Retail

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