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What is PinkATLAS

PinkATLAS is an online resource hub containing hundreds of resource items and numerous templates, process maps, how-to guidelines, checklists, podcasts and whitepapers all designed to support you and your organisation through best practice improvement efforts.

These resources can immediately kick-start your improvement efforts for:

  • Program and Project Management plans
  • Organisational Change Management
  • IT Governance and Leadership
  • Implementation and management of ITSM projects
  • Development and roll-out of a Lean approach
  • Implementation of Agile and DevOps initiatives

Our online resource centre includes.

  • Research papers and educational overviews
  • Direction papers to support your communication strategy
  • Example PowerPoint presentations to assist with team education and management buy-in and approvals
  • Easily adaptable sample project plans and roadmaps
  • Process flow templates and critical path check-lists
  • Measuring and reporting templates
  • Roles and responsibility matrices
  • Self-assessment guides for gap analysis and leading change
  • Latest edition e-copies of the Pink Elephant books Defining IT Success Through The Service Catalog and Service Management Strategies That Work
  • Latest edition online access to TSO’s ITIL books – Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations and Continual Service Improvement
  • Pink Elephant’s “Audio Visual Learning Center” containing dozens of video and audio presentations from industry-leading experts describing best practice approaches and proven planning and deployment techniques

Additionally, PinkATLAS provides you with a fast-track connection to Pink Elephant’s Experts for advice and guidance through a hugely popular “Ask-The-Expert” feature and a discussion “Forum” for knowledge sharing and thought leadership.

Who Will Benefit From Using PinkATLAS?

PinkATLAS is for organisations focused on continual improvement of their business and IT processes and includes examples of essential documentation for enabling this effort: project plans, process maps, guides, job descriptions, tool requirements and operational templates.

What Are The Features & Benefits Of PinkATLAS?

Ease Of Access & Use – Resources are logically presented and linked to enable quick search, download and adaptability

Rapid Deployment – Extensive pre-populated templates provide a solid foundation upon which to efficiently and consistently build a customised reference library of best practices

Peer Group Networking – Ideas, knowledge and experiences are shared through the PinkATLAS Forum

Direct Access To Industry Experts – Support from the world’s foremost best practice authorities via the “Ask-The-Expert” feature

Latest Research – Continuous updates on industry trends, practices and technologies

24/7 Access From Anywhere – No matter where project teams are located, all that is required is an Internet connection to access PinkATLAS

How Does PinkATLAS Work?

Purchase a 12-month subscription and you immediately have access to all the resources in the database.

Review the easy-to-follow Implementation Guides and begin downloading and adapting the resources you need. Templates are in their original, editable formats, such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Project. Research papers and the Pink Elephant books are in PDF format. The video and audio files are in QuickTime format.

Providing PinkATLAS to your project team will allow them to implement improvement projects for business and IT projects efficiently, expeditiously and consistently based on both globally recognised and proven best practices.

PinkATLAS Options and inclusions


PinkATLAS Silver
$13500 + GST

PinkATLAS Gold
$20,500 + GST

PinkATLAS Platinum
$31,500 + GST

12 months of 24-hour access to the PinkATLAS Online Resource Centre    
100s of downloadable documentation templates, presentations, papers, etc
Pre-defined "Smart Kits" provide a fast start for the most popular improvement projects    
"Ask-the-Expert" access to Pink Elephant's Industry Experts for advice and support
The Pink Elephant Audio Visual Learning Centre    
Downloadable copies of Pink Elephant's e-books  
Online access to the 5 ITIL Lifecycle books
User access ID  1  2  3
Seats on any of ITSM Hub's ITIL self-paced training courses  5 Seats 10 Seats   15 Seats
Seats on any of ITSM Hub's ITIL virtual-instructor-led training courses    5 Seats 10 Seats 
One-on-One online consulting from ITSM Hub's team of expert consultants    8 hours  16 hours
Discounts for Onsite or Virtual team training courses      
12 months of 24-hour access to PinSCAN - Pink Elephant's online repeatable process maturity self-assessment tool      
12 months of 24-hour access to PinkREADY - Pink Elephant's online cultural assessment tool       


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